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H.B. July 2014

"I really enjoyed working with McCleaned to set up a one time deep cleaning of a three story 1200 sq ft early 20th cent. row house. I got a no nonsense estimate over the phone based on total square footage of the property and not based on the number and type of rooms.

I chose to go with McCleaned LLC after calling around to other local house cleaning companies primarily because I experienced great customer service over the phone (friendly and professional). They gave me a fair price (160$), and I knew exactly what to expect from them because they posted a cleaning checklist on their website. The day of the cleaning went smoothly. They sent a courteous and hard working cleaning crew that did a great job.

I also appreciated the follow up phone call and email from their company. I will definitely call them again if I ever need another house cleaning."

S.K. June 2014

"We just started using McCleaned two weeks ago on our house in NE Washington DC after an arduous process of interviewing and researching cleaning companies. The reasons we hired McCleaned over other companies were threefold. First, we were looking for the most reasonably priced cleaning company. McCleaned's service estimate was the lowest out of about ten companies that I interviewed. Second, I was impressed with their website. They have an actual cleaning checklist that they go through--this means that I knew exactly what to expect. Third, they were willing to be flexible on timing. For example, if we are planning on being away on vacation for a while, they are willing to skip a week here and there or reschedule for a different day when necessary--other companies we were talking to were going to have us locked into a schedule.

After two weeks of using McCleaned, there are a number of things I appreciate. I love that they are willing to do "extra" things when I ask (things like, "This week, can you clean the stove," or "This week, can you do the outside of the windows."). They aren't afraid to work around clutter where necessary so I don't feel like the house has to be totally spotless. The owner, Julian, is super friendly. And finally, most importantly, they explicitly ask for feedback on how they're doing, or things I want them to do differently. As we just start out and build a relationship, this is really important for me.

I've given them a 4 out of 5 since it's only been a couple weeks, but I'm planning on coming back to change the review to a 5 if it continues to be this great!"